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PhD and MSc candidates

We review applications of qualified candidates any time throughout the year. Email alex dot tait at to discuss your prospective candidacy. Include a copy of your CV and a few sentences on why you would like to join our lab.

Queen's accelerated masters students

If you are a third year undergraduate student at Queen's, we have Accelerated Master's positions in our team (starting each May). Learn more about this program.

Undergraduate students

We welcome undergraduate students to work on thesis and summer research in the lab. This is a research environment though, so we expect students to be exceptionally curious and self-motivated. It's your thesis. Funding opportunities are available. Email Alex if interested.

Postdoctoral fellows

Candidates for postdoctoral researchers or visiting scholar positions with experience or interest in silicon photonics, electroluminescence, cryogenics, and/or neuromorphic computing should email Prof. Tait directly. Please include a >1/2-page original research statement,  CV, a list of two references, and description of why you would like to join our lab specifically. Please also look into funding opportunities and which ones you might like to pursue (see ShastriLab for ideas on funding).

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